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Luxury cruises in Goa are a rage among tourists. Check out information on how to go on a cruise in Goa.
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Goa Cruises

Goa is famous for its river and sea cruises. Almost everyone who has been to Goa has had a lovely experience in a luxury cruise. Cruises in Goa have their own charm. They take you into a magical world where you just float in a steady pace over miles of unending ocean. The setting sun in the horizon, the racing dolphins along with your cruise liner and the comfortable amenities on the cruise just make this experience unforgettable for a lifetime. There are many options you can choose from while going on a cruise that will suit your requirements, time limits and budget. To get an idea, go through the information given below about Goa cruises.

River Cruises
One can also go on a cruise on the River Mandovi in Goa. The cruise is managed by Goa Tourism Development Corporation. The river is flanked by lush green surroundings on both sides and if you are a keen observer, you can spot crocodiles and other form wildlife on the banks. River cruises include sun set cruise, sun down cruise, full moon night cruise, etc.

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise
The Dolphin Fantasy cruise takes you close to the playful creatures of the oceans, the Dolphins. They happily swim along your liner and fascinate you with their playful antics. This cruise covers Raj Bhavan, Aguada Fort and Reis Magos and operates every Monday.

Sun Set Cruise
The sun set cruise is a one hour trip on the river during the time the sun is to set. The setting sun paints the sky in a shade of bright orange and the water looks as though it is golden yellow in color. The cruise is filled with fun activities like folk dances, songs and other entertainers like jugglers, magicians, etc.

Full Moon Cruise
This is a special cruise that offers cruising on the river during a full moon night. The cool and soothing moonlight paints everything in a shade of silver and all you can hear in the serene surroundings is the splish-splash of water against the cruise liner. Dinner is served on board on extra payment.

Sea Cruise
The Sea cruise starts from the coast of Mumbai and goes straight to Goa or goes to Kochi in Kerala and then comes back to Goa. The sea cruise liners have all the latest amenities and facilities on board so you don't have to rush to the land in case of an emergency. One of the most famous cruise liners is the Super Star Libra which is no less than a dream sailing on the sea. Everything from budget to luxurious suites and rooms, food, entertainment, karaoke, disco and a bar is there on the liner. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Goa as soon as possible!

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