Goa Vacation GuideGoa Vacation GuideGoa Vacation Guide
Goa Vacation Guide Goa Vacation Guide
Goa vacation guide brings the best of travel and tourism destinations in Goa- the hottest travel destination of India.

Goa Vacation Guide

One of the most sought after travel and tourism destinations in India, Goa is considered to be no less than Paradise. Where else will you find the perfect blend of exotic beaches, lip smacking cuisine, easy going people, rocking parties and ancient religious places! Goa is synonymous with vacations and holidays. This is the only state that guarantees to relax and rejuvenate you and at the same time set your adrenalin rushing with the amazing varieties it has to offer. Our related sections shall give you complete information on travel and tourism in Goa.


Location: Western coast of the Indian sub continent
Area: 3702 square kilometers
Best Time to Visit: October to March
Capital City: Panaji / Panjim
Languages Spoken: Konkani is the official language. Other languages include English, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese and other regional dialects.
Major Religions: Hinduism, Christianity and Islam
Main Attractions: Beaches, Churches, Old Ruins, Flea Markets and the Cuisine

Though Goa is the smallest state of India in terms of geographical area, it commands almost a monopoly over the inflow of tourists in India. It is located on the western coast of India which is also known as the Konkan coast. It is surrounded by the state of Maharashtra on the north, Karnataka on the east and south and the rabian Sea on its west. The capital city of Goa is known as Panaji or Panjim and the largest city in Goa is Vasco-da-Gama.

Goa is truly the hub of tourism in India and provides international standards of holidaying. To promote tourism and increase the inflow of tourists, the state has maintained world class beaches and other tourist attractions. On one hand you will find casinos at par with those at Las Vegas and on the other hand you will find ancient churches that provide the perfect picture of the deep religious faiths of the Goans.

You can find your own areas of interest in Goa since it provides a plethora of choices. You can explore the wildlife sanctuaries if you are nature lover or you can try water sports at the beaches or just relax with a massage at the beach resorts. Goa will truly excite the traveler in you and will leave you mesmerized with incidents that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Travel to Goa to experience this magic!