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The past of Goa Carnival lies in the history of carnivals itself that were already celebrated in other places around the world.
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History of Carnival

Carnival means a complete holiday dedicated to fun and enjoying as a break from the daily routine and stress of the every-day life. The word 'carnival' is originated from a Latin word 'carnelevarium' meaning 'removing the flesh' or 'raising a gala storm'. The first country to play host to the carnival was Brazil, from where the tradition spread out to all the countries world over as a festival of revelry and fun. However, all the countries celebrate carnivals in different forms. Brazilian carnival is 5 days long held before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the fasting month of Lent dedicated to penance and abstinence.

The unique concept of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro was total freedom to everybody including men, women, boys and girls who could do whatever they like and go wherever they want during this period without any remorse or scrutiny, cutting out the need for making enquiries or telling lies. Carnivals became a craze in the entire Christian world and there are colorful celebrations in Rome, Munich, Paris, Cologne, Buenos-Aires, Montevideo, Venice and Nice. According to the legend, the Royal house in ancient Rome used to observe the 17th of February in honor of Fanno-the God shepherds and their flock.

Animal sacrifices and offering of the sacrificial meat to the wolves that attacked the flock characterized these feasts. Some people also believe Rome was founded by Romulo and Remo who were stranded alone in the forest as infants and a She-Wolf brought them up showing much more compassion than human beings often do to their own kind and hence the offering of meat to the wolves. At that time, the carnival was observed as a religious occasion and many practices and liberties were banned by the Church such as the unfair advantage that participants took by wearing masks during these celebrations.

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